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Antiques are given generic names based on the English monarchy. For example, in the UK a piece of furniture made between 1901 and 1910 is known as ‘Edwardian’, as Edward VII was the King during those years


Medieval period
Gothic period
Elizabethan period
Jacobean period
Restoration period
William and Mary period
Queen Anne period
Early Georgian period
Mid Georgian period
Late Georgian period
Early Victorian period
Mid Victorian period
Late Victorian period
Modernist period
Art Deco period

Main categories

Furniture                 Art

Porcelain                 Figurines

Jewellery                Watches

Clocks                      Toys

Music Boxes             Bottles

Sports, Music and Film memorabilia


The item above is a tin container made for packaging high quality biscuits. It would date from the late1950's.

The container has a printed finish showing the letters ER refering to  
Elizabeth Regina, the Latin form of Queen Elizabeth II, the current Queen of England

This is a limited edition framed ELVIS PRESLEY single record from the 1960's. 
We can obtain records , pictures and other items that are linked to famous historical  individuals from the UK and the west.

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