SARA ANTIQUE – a unique source of fine English Antiques and collectables. Owned by Sara and David we personally search the UK for treasures and regularly ship them to Thailand. 

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Our base in the UK
We are located approximately 260 Km North of London. Our closest city is Sheffield  - 15 KM away and Manchester  - 45 KM. 

We frequently travel over 100 Km to source our stock and sometimes over 200 KM.

We have container facilities locally and this travels by rail to the South of England to be shipped to Bangkok

Our operation in Thailand.
We run the business and have facilities in Cha Am, approximately 175 KM from Bangkok and our main storage and sales outlet.
We transfer our containers from the main port in Bangkok to our retail and wholesale distribution points.
These are located in Bang Yai, close to Rattanathibet and just off the main Ring Road Highway No 9. The Sky Train MRT Purple Line: Taopoon - Bang Yai (2014 target) will run within a few hundred metres of our storage and the nearest station is within easy walking distance.






Sara Antique  by Sara Choo